Retirement could be a long-awaited chapter in your employees’ lives. They may have been dreaming about how to make use of the extra time, or perhaps they’ve already planned an adventure to kickstart their life after work.

Yet, for many people, retirement can be difficult to adjust to. While work often means less freedom, it might provide them with a sense of purpose and a structure to their days and weeks. Suddenly stepping away from a routine they may have followed for decades can be jarring. So, if they feel adrift when they retire, they’re not alone.

Finding a new purpose they’re passionate about could be imperative to your employees’ happiness and wellbeing in retirement. Download our latest guide to send to your employees and share some of the ways they could embrace a new lifestyle that balances freedom and purpose.

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Please contact us to talk about your purpose in retirement and how a financial plan could help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

Retirement often comes with the need to make large financial decisions that could affect your security for the rest of your life. So, it’s not surprising that an Aegon survey found that 7 in 10 financial advisers said their clients’ biggest concern was the fear of outliving their savings.

Worrying about finances could mean you can’t focus on enjoying your retirement. A financial plan that considers your goals and the lifestyle you want might put your mind at ease and allow you to pursue your purpose with greater confidence.

Whether you’re hoping to explore a new part of the world or start taking classes to master a skill, understanding your assets and how they may provide an income throughout retirement may lead to you reaching your retirement aspirations.

We could help bring together your assets, from your pension to your home, to create a financial plan that suits your goals and circumstances. By working with a professional who you can rely on to answer questions and manage your finances, you can focus on what’s really important – getting the most out of your retirement.