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Throughout my extensive career spanning 35 years, I have successfully encouraged tens of thousands of individuals to embrace the importance of saving and investing.

I have provided consultancy services to over 300 companies, assisting them in enhancing the financial wellbeing of their employees.

My track record includes the development of award winning propositions, the establishment of The Centre for Financial Wellbeing Excellence, the creator of the highly regarded Financial Fitness Fridays YouTube channel, and authored the book Make Their Money Count.

Drawing upon this wealth of experience and expertise, I am proud to introduce The Ultimate Financial Wellbeing Formula.

This transformative training programme is designed to empower employers, guiding them from novice status to expert proficiency in just three easy lessons.

Imagine the positive changes you could bring to your people once you’ve learned all of this!

All you have to do, is join me for 3 x 45 minutes session over the next 3 weeks.

With full commitment and undivided attention during these three sessions, coupled with the implementation of the provided strategies, you can expect a measurable improvement in the financial wellbeing of your employees.


Lesson 1

Foundations of Workplace Financial Wellbeing: A Beginner’s Guide

In this session, I will offer you newfound clarity that will transform your perspective on financial wellbeing. You’ll gain the ability to intuitively assess what works best for your people & more importantly what doesn’t, saving you years of wasted time and effort.

You will learn:

  • Unravel the most crucial 80% of financial wellbeing that often remains totally invisible to most HR departments.
  • Learn the secrets that the majority of ‘financial wellbeing’ providers don’t want you to know.
  • Explore the four key pillars that constitute the official definition of financial wellbeing.

Click on the below dates to register;

Thursday 16th May 10am

Thursday 27th June 10am


Lesson 2

Workplace Financial Wellbeing: Insights from consultations with 300+ companies

I will show you the real extent of the financial wellbeing challenges people are facing, what measures are working to improve things, but also what worked for them and why.

After the 45 minute webinar, you will:

  • Have learnt how to steer clear of the 7 most common mistakes made by the majority of the 300 companies.
  • Identify & tackle the single greatest challenge that surpasses all others.
  • Understand that just being aware of this knowledge can help prevent time and effort being wasted

Click on the below dates to register.

Thursday 18th April 10am

Thursday 23rd May 10am

Thursday 4th July 10am


Lesson 3

How to create an effective workplace financial wellbeing strategy from scratch

This concluding lesson consolidates all you have learned to equip you with the tools to develop a tailored financial wellbeing strategy designed specifically for your unique workforce.

You will learn:

  • How to measure and benchmark the financial wellbeing of your workforce
  • How to identify the unique needs and wants of your people
  • Ways to secure buy-in from your leadership team
  • Maximising the ROI of your existing provisions
  • How to assemble the optimal strategy tailored to your unique people.

Please click on the below dates to register:

Thursday 9th May 10am

Thursday 30th May 10am

Thursday 17th July 10am




Financial Wellbeing Assessment

Financial Wellbeing Assessment

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Take a free test assessment

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Financial wellbeing forum

Financial wellbeing forum

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Insight report

Insight report

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