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Employees are important to the success of every business; smaller businesses and start-ups are no exception. This is why we offer Select, an employee engagement package designed with small businesses and their goals in mind.

Attracting the right talent is vital for businesses, something that is particularly true for small businesses with growth plans. A key part of standing out in a competitive job market is offering a benefits package that’s right for your business and your employees. But, whilst you may want to implement an attractive suite of benefits, we understand that you may not have the time or specific expertise to do so.

Our Select Small Schemes gives start-ups and small businesses an opportunity to deliver exceptional employee benefits whilst allowing them to remain focused on the business.



Designed with smaller organisations and start-up businesses in mind.


Whether you want to understand your workplace pension obligations or set up healthcare benefits that will provide employees with security. We can help you bring together a whole host of employee benefits that’ll set you apart from the competition and play a role in building a happy, productive work environment.

Both you and your employees will also have access to ongoing support when you need it. It’s a step that can reduce stress for all parties. You know that if you need expertise, you can come to us for advice, whilst your employees will have somewhere to turn to if they have questions. We aim to create a partnership that gives you and your team confidence as your business grows.

If you represent a start-up or small business, please get in touch. Our tailored approach to working with businesses of all sizes means we’re here to provide the expertise and support that you need.

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