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The Ultimate Financial Wellbeing Formula webinar series

The Ultimate Financial Wellbeing Formula webinar series

Webinar - Multiple dates
9 April 2024
10:00 - 10:45
£0 per person
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The Ultimate Financial Wellbeing Formula webinar series

Throughout his extensive career spanning 35 years, Darren Laverty has encouraged tens of thousands of individuals to embrace the importance of saving and investing.

He has provided consultancy services to over 300 companies, assisting them in enhancing the financial wellbeing of their employees.

His track record includes the development of award winning propositions, the establishment of The Centre for Financial Wellbeing Excellence, the creator of the highly regarded Financial Fitness Fridays YouTube channel, and authored the book Make Their Money Count.

Drawing upon this wealth of experience and expertise, he is proud to introduce The Ultimate Financial Wellbeing Formula.

This transformative training programme is designed to empower employers, guiding them from novice status to expert proficiency in just three easy lessons.

Imagine the positive changes you could bring to your people once you’ve learned all of this!

All you have to do, is join the 3 x 45 minutes session over the next 3 weeks.

Foundations of Workplace Financial Wellbeing: A Beginner’s Guide

Workplace Financial Wellbeing: Insights from consultations with 300+ companies

How to create an effective workplace financial wellbeing strategy from scratch

With full commitment and undivided attention during these three sessions, coupled with the implementation of the provided strategies, you can expect a measurable improvement in the financial wellbeing of your employees!

For more details on each session and to register, click here

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Presented by Darren Laverty, our Workplace Financial Wellbeing Strategist.

For further information and resources regarding workplace financial wellbeing, visit: Workplace Financial Wellbeing

Connect with Darren on LinkedIn here: Darren Laverty

Financial Fitness Friday Autumn Special

Financial Fitness Friday Autumn Special

Live webinar
1 December 2023
£ per person
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Financial Fitness Friday Autumn Special

We hosted an Financial Fitness Fridays Autumn special!

If you or your employees missed the event you can now watch the recording here.

Get ready to break a sweat – both mentally and physically as we unravel the Autumn Statement, navigate the current investment market, and hear our expert discuss what’s happening in the mortgage market.  

Host: Darren Laverty, Financial Wellbeing Specialist and Partner at Secondsight.  

Guest Speaker: Colette Pienaar, Partner at Foster Denovo and Wealth & Wellness Coach.  

Guest Speaker: Jamie Smith, Financial Adviser and Partner at Foster Denovo.  

Financial Fitness Fridays make finance a tad less complicated and a lot more fun for your employees.

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