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Encouraging your employees to look after their wellbeing has become one of the top priorities for many HR professionals, particularly during challenging economic times. In fact, recent research highlighted that the cost of living crisis is contributing to 82% of employees worrying about money at least once a week. 

Financial pressures usually have a knock-on effect on employees’ overall wellbeing and happiness, as increasing stress levels can lead to many health issues, making it harder to concentrate at work which can be detrimental to organisations’ productivity and performance 

With financial worries being one of the top three issues that affected employees’ productivity last year, it’s important that employers have a solid financial wellbeing strategy in place, so they can provide the right support to their people.  

To help employers like yourself with this task, we developed the Centre of Financial Wellbeing Excellence. It’s a series of lessons from our latest Financial Wellbeing Masterclass event, broken down into digestible bitesize videos, to empower HR Professionals to create and implement their own financial wellbeing strategy in the workplace.

It’s estimated that £1.56bn a year is the cost of financial stress to UK businesses, so implementing a financial wellbeing strategy in your organisation makes good business sense. 

Here are the top 5 benefits you will see by looking after your employees’ wellbeing:

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