At Secondsight, client experience is really important to us, and we believe providing a great experience starts with our employees.

In this month’s edition of ‘Get to know the Secondsight team’, we spoke to Chantelle Buckhorn, a Client Experience Executive, who is the first point of contact for all client queries, specifically relating to group risk and healthcare.

Hi Chantelle, tell us about your role at Secondsight?

I work within the Group Risk & Healthcare Team as a Client Experience Executive (CEE). I support our Healthcare Advisers, mainly Rebecca Eastwood, with a portfolio of clients. It’s a role I really enjoy, especially as I have been able to build some great relationships with our clients.

How long have you been at Secondsight?

I originally started at Foster Denovo (Secondsight’s parent company) as their London receptionist back in 2017. After nearly two years in my role as a receptionist, in 2019 I moved over to the Secondsight team as a Healthcare Coordinator. It is unbelievable how quickly these past three years at Secondsight have flown by!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I think I enjoy being part of my team the most. I have a great relationship with the advisers that I do work for, and I know that there is support than I can rely on.

What would you say is a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I’m most proud of the fact that I was promoted to my current role during lockdown and that I was able to take on new responsibilities successfully whilst working from home.

How do you like to spend a day off?

I do love a good brunch! Especially in Leigh-on-Sea so I can enjoy the seafront afterwards.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I’m strangely proud of my roller skating/ice skating skills. Not to brag, but I’ve only fallen over once and that was the first time I ever did it when I was 18!

Quite often my friends and I will enjoy a Sunday afternoon at a roller disco. I did buy a pair of roller skates in lockdown, but I haven’t braved them outside yet.

What’s something recently that made you smile?

My rescue kitten, Ozzie! He is so affectionate and is like my little shadow following me around the house.

If you were a cocktail what would you be and why?

I love this question because I enjoy a cocktail!

Maybe a Bellini. It’s a simple but slightly classy drink, it goes great with a brunch and comes from Italy. Funnily enough, they are the two places I would love to be at this very moment – having brunch in Italy!

Thanks Chantelle!

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Secondsight is a trading name of Foster Denovo Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.