At Secondsight, we are passionate about providing the best possible services to our clients. And, we believe that achieving a good client experience, starts with our employees.

Providing a positive working environment within your organisation can improve wellbeing, boost morale and ultimately increase productivity. And we should know, as helping businesses to improve their employees’ wellbeing is what we do best!

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our Practice Manager Lori has to say about what client experience means to her, what life at Secondsight is like and what her role includes. Meet Lori Snaith-Wright.

Hi Lori, Can you describe your job role?

Hi, sure! In my role I oversee the management of a bank of clients and work alongside various teams to help make sure we are delivering a great service at all times. I also line manage the dedicated team of wonderful people who look after our clients day to day.

What would you say a typical day at Secondsight looks like for you?

My day involves a hive of activity; whether I am meeting with clients, liaising with colleagues or getting stuck into emails. No day is the same.

Alongside my Practice Manager role, I also work closely and provide business support to one of the Practice Directors here at Secondsight. I really enjoy this, as it allows me to have a more holistic approach to my work throughout the organisation. This keeps me busy, whether it be managing a project, creating reports, liaising with providers or meetings to drive business and the practice forward – there is always something to get involved in!

What does a good client experience mean to you?

A good client experience is one delivered with heart, from start to finish. It’s about making that lasting impression through consistency, care and meaningful contact. We pride ourselves in being reliable, friendly and knowledgeable, whether with employers or their staff alike.

What’s the best thing about working with your colleagues and team?

There is always someone to support you and there is so much to learn from so many!

It’s obvious you are passionate about providing a great client experience and enjoy working at Secondsight. What about outside of the office, what is your favourite thing to do?

My favourite thing is going to gigs, which I am lucky to do frequently. I also love listening to and collecting LP records. I like all genres of music, and my favourite artists include City and Colour, Madness and David Bowie. I also love spending time with my loved ones at every opportunity.

What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?

The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg. It’s all about what you are made of and not the circumstances. Do your thing!

To finish off, can you describe yourself in just 3 words?

Dependable, affable and quirky!

Thanks Lori!

Lori started at Secondsight as a Client Experience Executive and has developed into the senior role she is in today. Over the 10 years Lori has been working at Secondsight, she has made great relationships with all her clients. Providing excellent client services comes as second nature to Lori and we are honoured to have her in the Secondsight team.

To find out more about what client experience means to us, and how we can support your business, click here.